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Some video in Thailand :


This is Koh Chang’s secret lovely half moon white sand paradise beach.
Located on the south coast of the island. The only undeveloped beach on the island. Getting there is an adventure in itself. 🙂

Artistic forms and colors around water in some lands nearly abandoned.
The sky view by drone make sometime amazing effect …

Around wonderful cafe open in nov 2017 in middle of rice field and in front of wat tham sua
What a great view and such romantic and peaceful place.

slow FPV flight over rice field at twilight near Wat tham sua


This famous alignment of more than 100 palm trees is located here 14°17’47.8″N 100°06’24.7″E Bang Yai, ตำบล บางใหญ่
Bang Pla Ma District Suphan Buri province a few kilometers north of bangkok, this alignment was planted days after days almost 100 years ago .
Several hundred people come to visit this place and enjoy the art of living and the authenticity of this place outside time.

A short fly from side off road to take the impressive view with TBS discovery and gopro in 2.7k.
This is located on a very small mountain road n.4001 in Sathan ตำบล สถาน at
Pua District in Nan province at north thailand
so nice and peaceful lovely great view on Pua river valley
gps location 19°13’20.2″N 100°57’13.2″E
just escape yourself

At 45 km from Thong Pha Phum on the road to go to pilok a nice mountain village lost near the Burmese border in thailand
Flight FPV 2.7k gopro 5 with drone tbs discovery,

Wat Baan Tham is located at Khao Noi Sub District, Tha Muang District, Kanchanaburi. It is only five kilometers far from Wat Tham Sua if you take Mae Nam Mae Klong road. The stairs which will bring you to the cave give you a feel like you are walking through a mouth of a dragon. There is one stalactite inside the cave which somehow looks like a women body.
It was named after Bua Kli who is a wife of Khun Paen in a legend Thai folklore, Khun Chang Khun Phaen.

First 4K gopro 5 black Less than 2 months after drawing in water lacs fields became full green rice field so fat growing.
Let see this nice sunset chasing the birds with tbs discovery FPV drone camera, and try to avoid the power lines…
First video in very high resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels
please select good big screen, high speed connection and look again, its too long to make and so heavy i will not do it often…
Thankyou for your comment



Video 3 in 1
1) test of the 3 angles of the gopro: Wide, medium, narrow
2) Flying fpv over a fairly close mountain …
3) unusual discovery of deep furrows on each enormous rocks at the summits it is of what? The lightning?
this place south kanchanaburi about 20 km : Ko Samrong Mueang Kanchanaburi District



A long range quadcopter from robinson in east city to top of mountain, and found little nice and unseen temple there.

A long drone quadcopter climbing above the river in sunset time then 360 degree to discover tha Ruea city and around… Kanchanaburi province in Thailand


Nice view by sky drone from sky sunset water mirror in thailand
Rice thai farmers pilot this tractor same a boat on sunset water rice field making so great artistic way.

Explore the trace of once-flourish Khmer Kingdom at one of best known Khmer-style religious structures in Thailand. Historians estimated that Prasat Mueang Singh, and its surrounding architectures on the bank of Kwai Noi River, was built between 857 and 1157 as a religious temple of Khmer Kingdom. Prasat Mueang Singh was later abandoned until the reign of King Rama I when the area of Mueang Singh had become one of border cities of Kanchanaburi. The restoration of structures hasn’t completed until 1987, though.

The main remaining structure is Prasat Mueang Sing (Tower of the City of Lions) itself, a Khmer-style architecture with influences from Lop Buri arts. It is framed by 800 x 1,500 meters city walls. During the excavations, historians found precious artifacts, antiques, pottery and religious ornaments with more than 2,000 years of history.

Opening hours: Open daily from 8 a.m.- 4.30 p.m.

Admission: 100 baht.

Contact: 0 3452 8456-7

Getting there: Visitors can take a train from Kanchanaburi to Tha Kilen Railway Station and continue on foot or by local transport to Prasat Mueang Sing, which is just 1.5 kilometers away. Trains depart from Kanchanaburi Railway Station every day at 6.11 a.m. (arriving at Tha Kilen at 7.28 a.m.), 11 p.m. (arriving at 11.59 a.m.) and 4.37 p.m. (arriving at 5.42 p.m.). To return to Kanchanaburi, trains depart from Tha Kilen Station at 6.22 a.m., 1.51 p.m. and 4.31 p.m.

Prasat Muang Sing Historical Park

Prasat Muang Singh is a Khmer town in Kanchanaburi province. It is around 45 kilometers from Kanchanaburi city. Built around the 12th century on the Khwae Noi River, the site was most likely an outpost of the Khmer ‘Muang Singh’ empire that protected the Khmer khmer
Tel: +66 3458 5052 to 3, +66 3451 1200, +66 6451 2500

How to get there: You can get to the site by train. The journey takes an hour and the fare is 10 Baht. Trains leave at 06:10 a.m., 10:54 a.m. and 02:25 p.m. and you should head to Tha Kilen. You will probably be best taking a Tuk-Tuk from the station to the site.


Prasat Sikhoraphum was built in 11th – 12th century
Located at Surin
Surin province in North East Thailand houses a number of Khmer monuments, of which Prasat Sikhoraphum is one of the largest and best preserved. This Khmer monument is located North of Angkor (current day Siem Reap in Cambodia), which was the center of the ancient Khmer empire, East of Phimai and North East of Muang Tum and Phanom Rung.

It was constructed as a Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva.

The temple complex consists of five prangs (Khmer style towers) set on a single laterite platform. The central prang is the tallest measuring 32 meters high. The central prang usually houses the linga, the sacred symbol that symbolizes the strength of the God Shiva. This prang is surrounded by four smaller prangs, that are placed in a square. The temple complex is oriented towards the East, as is usual with Khmer temples and is surrounded by a moat.

The bas reliefs of Prasat Sikhoraphum
The main attraction of Prasat Sikhoraphum are the bas reliefs of the temple, that are well preserved. Several pilasters and lintels over entrances contain very detailed carvings.

The bas relief carved into the lintel on the entrance to the central prang is probably the most famous one. This relief shows an image of a dancing Shiva, shown with ten arms. The sculpting also shows other Hindu Gods. Also on the central prang are two sculptures of Devatas, a kind of Hindu deities.

The other four prangs contain remains of stucco work as well as a depiction of the mythical snake Naga, shown here with three heads.

During the 16th century, the temple complex was partly renovated and turned into a Buddhist temple.

Although Prasat Sikhoraphum is not as large or impressive as some of the better known Khmer temples in Thailand, it is worth a visit. Because of its location away from the main tourist areas, very few foreign tourists visit this site, giving it a different, more serene atmosphere.

How to get to Prasat Sikhoraphum
Prasat Sikhoraphum is located in Surin province in the lower part of North East Thailand, bordering on the South to Cambodia. The monument can be found in the village of Sikhoraphum, almost 40 kilometers East of the provincial capital Surin town. There are one airports in the Surin area with frequent flights to Bangkok.

There is a direct connection by train between Bangkok and the town of Sikhoraphum. The State Railway of Thailand’s North Eastern line has several connections daily. It takes around 7 hours or more from Bangkok’s Hualamphong station to get there, depending on the type of train.

Perhaps the best known attraction of Kanchanaburi, featured in world’s famous book and film of 1957 British-American epic war film directed by David Lean and starring William Holden, Jack Hawkins, Alec Guinness, and Sessue Hayakawa written in 1952 by Pierre Boulle.
The Bridge on the River Kwai is part of the infamous Death Railway, spanning over Kwai Yai River, built by the prisoners of the World War II under the supervision of Japanese Imperialism Army.
The 415-kilometer railway was built to connect Thailand and Myanmar to secure supplies to the Japanese army during their Greater East-Asian War. It is called the Death Railway as it involved the death of too many people during the construction period, between September 16, 1942 and on 25 December 1943 when it completed.
It is estimated that more than 16,000 war prisoners (POWs) from England, Australia, Holland and America, together with some 90,000 labors from Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia, died during the construction through experience a series bombing raids and cruelness of the Imperial Japanese Army.

The Bridge, together with the Death Railway, is now regarded as the significant symbol of peace, portraying that war is the great illusion that benefits no one. State Railway of Thailand now offers train travel trips along the Death Railway, running from Bangkok to Nam Tok Station, on weekends and public holidays.
You can also take a walk to cross the bridge on foot, too.

By Train

The railway currently ends at Ban Tha Sao or Namtok Station, a distance of some 77 km. from Kanchanaburi Station.
A special train running from Bangkok to Nam Tok Station is available on weekends and national holidays. For further details, please contact the State Railway of Thailand.


สะพานเหล็กแห่งนี้คือแลนด์มาร์กสำคัญที่สำคัญที่สุดและเป็นเสมือนดังสัญลักษณ์ของจังหวัดกาญจนบุรีเลยทีเดียว และยังเป็นสถานที่ที่ทรงคุณค่าทางประวัติศาสตร์เป็นอย่างยิ่ง เพราะเป็นส่วนหนึ่งของเส้นทางรถไฟสายมรณะ อันเป็นเส้นทางยุทธศาสตร์ที่กองทัพญี่ปุ่นต้องการใช้ไทยเป็นเส้นทางผ่านไปสู่ประเทศเมียนมาร์ในสมัยสงครามโลกครั้งที่ 2 แน่นอนว่าการก่อสร้างเส้นทางสายนี้ได้คร่าชีวิตเชลยศึกที่ต้องทนทุกข์ทรมานไปเป็นจำนวนมาก และกลายเป็นประวัติศาสตร์หน้าหนึ่งที่คนไทยไม่เคยลืมเลือน อย่างไรก็ตาม ในช่วงสงครามโลกครั้งที่สอง สะพานข้ามแม่น้ำแควแห่งนี้ได้รับความเสียหายจนรัฐบาลไทยได้ซ่อมแซมขึ้นใหม่หลังสงครามยุติลง เมื่อปีพ.ศ.2489 และสามารถใช้งานได้เหมือนเดิมจนถึงปัจจุบัน อีกทั้งทุกปีราวๆ ปลายเดือนพฤศจิกายนจนถึงต้นเดือนธันวาคม จะมีการจัดงานสัปดาห์สะพานข้ามแม่น้ำแควเพื่อรำลึกถึงเหตุการณ์การสร้างรถไฟสายมรณะในช่วงสงครามโลกครั้งที่ 2 โดยภายในงานมีการจัดแสดงนิทรรศการทางประวัติศาสตร์และโบราณคดี การแสดงพื้นบ้าน การออกร้าน จำหน่ายสินค้าพื้นเมือง และการแสดงแสง สี เสียง สร้างความตระการตาให้กับสะพานข้ามแม่น้ำแควแห่งนี้


กรุงเทพฯ ใช้ถนนเพชรเกษม ( ทางหลวงหมายเลข 4 ) มุ่งหน้าสู่จังหวัดนครปฐม จากนั้นขับตรงไปมุ่งหน้าสู่จังหวัดราชบุรี

จากกรุงเทพฯ ใช้ถนนสายปิ่นเกล้า – นครชัยศรี ( ทางหลวงหมายเลข 338 ) มุ่งหน้าสู่นครปฐม จากนั้นขับตรงไปมุ่งหน้าสู่จังหวัดราชบุรี

ทั้งสองเส้นทางด้านบนจะต้องผ่านแยกนครชัยศรี จากแยกนครชัยศรี ขับตรงไป โดยจะผ่านแยกบ้านแพ้ว ผ่านสะพานไปตัวเมืองนครปฐม ผ่านแยกไปจังหวัดสุพรรณบุรี จากนั้นจะถึงสะพานไปจังหวัดกาญจนบุรี ( สะพานนี้จะอยู่เลนซ้ายสุด )


A new village build and live same as in King Rama 5 time life.Its located on sai yok road at 28 km from kanchanaburi city.

This huge place build on 60 rai is malikaperfect way to see and live for the time of nice visit same as hundreds years ago.
All the place use same costume, shop, restaurant as 130 years ago.
Even the money is use old satang instead actual thai baht, all the realisation of this brand new village just opening last october 2016.
You can get fee entrance for 250 thb, and you also have a package for entrance and dinner and music and traditional thai dance for just 700 thb.
ผู้ใหญ่ เดก็/ผู้สูงอายุ  ตวัเข้าชมเมือง 250.- 120.- ตวัรับประทานอาหารเย็น+การแสดง  700.-* 350.-   *สาํหรับบตัรผ้ใูหญ่รับฟรีของทีระลกึจากเมืองมลัลกิา
The parc close at 7 Pm and dinner and spectacle finish at 9 pm.
info @ https://www.facebook.com/MalikaR.E.124/

This time exceptionally no aerial view from this video .
Just present short visit of Surin Green Market.
Its located in Surin City in Isan.
Veryfriendly place and nice product.
The Surin Green Market is organized every Saturday morning. Villagers who join the market must have their own business like selling O-Top products including silk, silverware and consumer goods. Products sold in the market must be agricultural products which are free from toxins. The Surin Green Market aims to tighten the relationship between the consumers in urban communities and local farmers. The Surin Green Market opens on Saturday from 6.00-14.00 hours in Surin Provincial Administrative organization area.

The Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam was completed in 2005. It is 93m high, 2720m long and an incredible 5.5 million cubic meters of concrete.
It has a storage capacity of 224 million cubic meters of water.

It is the biggest dam in Thailand. It is also the largest and longest roller compacted concrete (RCC) dam in the world.
The Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam was originally named the Khlong Tha Dan Dam.
The Thai authorities subsequently changed the name to the Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam, which is the stream that flows from Heaw Narok Waterfall.
You may still see some road signs pointing to Khlong Tha Dan Dam but most now call it the Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam. They are the same place.
View from the reservoir to the dam His Majesty King Bhumipol initiated the dam project. Nakhon Nayok had long suffered from a cycle of floods and drought.
The resulting poor acidic soil caused Nakhon Nayok’s farmers great hardship and occasional flash floods had claimed many lives.
His Majesty the King, highly revered by the Thai People, was aware of the suffering this cycle was causing to the people of Nakhon Nayok.
He personally came to inspect the area in 1993.
He spoke to local people about their problems, inspected the area on foot and by air.
He concluded that a water The Khlong Tha Dan Dam releases water into Nakon Nayok River all year round.management and irrigation system could solve many of Nakhon Nayok’s problems and initiated the Tha Dan Dam project.
Construction of the dam commenced in 1999.
The dam was built using the roller compressed concrete (RCC) technique. This involves adding lignite fly ash to the cement mix. This improves the fluidity and workability of the mix while reducing the amount of cement needed, so reducing material costs. The mix is then compacted by rollers to create a very strong concrete with excellent long-term resilience.
Great view across Nakon Nayok province.
The benefits for Nakhon Nayok include:
Reduce damage from flooding.
Constant water supply for agricultural irrigation.
Water supply for local community.
Fish stocks in reservoir.
Tourism and natural scenery.
The lives of Nakhon Nayok’s people have already improved with the completion of the dam.
Tourism and agriculture revenues are up and local land values have jumped sharply as investors look to cash in on the booming tourist industry.
Before and after.
Dams are rarely architecturally beautiful but the sheer scale of these constructions makes them an impressive sight. Visitors can go to the top of the dam and enjoy the spectacular scenery. There is a small park by the top and from there you can walk a few hundred meters along the top of the dam.
You can take a tour bus trip along the top of the dam to fully appreciate the fine views and the scale of the construction. The 15-minute trip costs 20-baht.
There are great views either way. In front of the dam, you have a view along the river and across Nakhon Nayok province. Behind the dam is the reservoir. It is possible to take a boat trip a few kilometers along the reservoir to the stream that feeds it.
boat trip across the reservoir and up the riverYou can also take a boat trip across the lake and up the river behind the dam into Khao Yai. How far you can go depends on how high the water level. When the water level is low you can travel just a few kilometers but if the damm is full you can travel many kilometers up the river and into the jungle. These boat trips also include the chance to do a short trek into the jungle to one of the small waterfalls with drop pools for a refreshing swim in the cool waters.
You will see the boats at the lake edge and the drivers will be waiting in the sala nearest them. The trip costs from 1,000-baht to 1,500-baht.
There is a nice museum at the base of the dam that gives lots more information.
How to get There.
Take the road to the top of Khlong Tha Dan Dam.
The Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam is located at Ban Tha Dan, Tambon Hin Tang. From Nakon Nayok town, take route 3049 north towards Nang Rong Waterfall and the foothills of Khao Yai. 12km out of town the road forks and you need to take the right road. It is not long before you get sight of the huge dam.
Drive on for another 6km and you reach the right hand turn, signposted towards the dam. When you reach the traffic circle with the elephant fountain in the middle you turn left and climb the hill to the top of the dam.

เขื่อนขุนด่านปราการชล KhunDanPrakanChonDam

Very nice and peaceful landscape make artistic pattern when fly over.
Charming village, quiet real life, farmers dry rice under the sun on the road.
Nice birds and some buffalo came say hello to us…


Wat at Rong khun is known among foreigners as the White Temple..lt is artistically different from other temples in Thailand. The temple was built by artist , Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat, who is well*know throughout Thailand. He wanted to build the most beautiful temple in the world and to 60 followers devoted totally their effort and energy to make this structure their life work
In an interview Ajarn Chalermchai. say :
” l want to be good and valuable to my country. l want to create arts in my own style and to develop Thai Buddhist arts to be accepted internationally. l want people of all nations to come and admire my works,like when they want to visit the taj Mahal or the Angkor Wat.Therefore, l need to devote all my time to this and also to educate and pass along my vision yo at least two consecutive classes of pupils.Maybe in 60 to 90 years after my death will the project be completed” l want to be the only artist in the world who can create anything with utmost freedom. l do not want to work under anybody’ influence or thought processes. No one in the world can order me to do their forbidding, because l do not accept any monetary donations from sources including government officers politicians or millionaires. Money can give the donors power to influence the takers, much like many artist who work as employees. l, then,need to find funding to build the temple by myself.” Ajarn Chalermchai talked about the artworks that each year needed to be repaired, changed or added-on “My number one goal is to perfect my works. That is why renovations are going on yearly. Regular visitors see changes all the time because l do not set time frames to my works. National Buddhist arts mostly are influenced by other works of art such as from India.Sri Lanka, Chiang Saen, Sukhothai, Ayutthaya and Rattanakosin. Modern arts cannot avoid to be influenced by the ancient arts. l want to break away from the influence of arts of any periods. That is why l need to commit my lift to this project.”
The parasol (chattra) is one of Buddhism’s eight auspicious symbols (ashtamangala), signifying protection within the Dharma from spiritually-harmful forces. The seven-tier parasol (sawitta chatra) represents the seven aspects of enlightenment – awareness, concentration, delight, effort, equanimity, tranquillity, wisdom. Some also believe it symbolizes the seven levels of heaven, the top (nirvana) being for the enlightened.

Wat Rong Khun is an unconventional Buddhist temple outside Chiang Rai that is being constructed under the direction of Chalermchai Kositpipat, a controversial, award-winning Thai visual artist intent on this being his master work, to which he is completely devoted. Construction began in 1997 and, similar to Gaudi’s Sagrada Família, is not expected to be completed until after the artist’s death (in 60-70 years). Work on the White Temple is largely financed by Kositpipat to maintain artistic integrity, although individual donations up to ฿10,000 are accepted. There will be a total of nine buildings on the nearly 3-acre site – viharn, chedi, ubosot, ho trai, mondop, phra rabieng, crematorium, art gallery, restrooms.




But what this plane doing on the road ?
This the full story of this crazy 747 jumbo-jet and his new destiny…

Last time drone let you discover a quick overview of this magnificent 747 placed at the roadside in Thailand.
Through the first flight in immersion in the history of FPV INSIDE of a real Boeing 747 jumbo jet.
In this full version of the video you learn in what part of Thailand to the west is recycled this former 747 British Airways and what new life will be reserved for him …

A thai man has decided to give a second life to this old 747 reformed.
He bought and divided into severals piece and brought the gift of muang airport north of Bangkok by special convoy to the province of Nakhon Pathom over 70 km from Bangkok.

look how this amazing transportation have been done here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHf0DzX79o0

It has been completely reassembled and repainted rivet after rivet a done peninsula to that effect to the edging of the junction of two major highways two lanes.
It will be redeveloped soon raised completely rehabilitated to become a restaurant.
I will keep you informed ….
To be continued
thank you to comment and ask questions




round trip in north thailand
Aerial view by drone with gopro and runcam hd
discovery 5 places original for my round first trip in north thailand
2 hotels resort out of city at good rate price and comfort
1 waterfall amazing in jungle
1 amazing silver white temple : Wat Rong Khun วัดร่องขุ่น
1 special organic thai farm name Pun pun organised by the famous popular Joe Jandail

i hope you will enjoy
i will make movie more long for each topic after


Short slow FPV fly above nice rice fields in rain saison to test my gopro hero3+ on gymball drone quadcopter TBS discovery.
can see some randoming big vibrations some time
idea how to suppress it ?

In this movie can see some birds, dogs and many dragonfly

hope you like it


This is a new adventure of unpremeditated drone.
One evening in August, at the foot of a steep mountain on a former career tray near the north west exit of the city of Kanchanaburi Thailand …
While i was doing my first flight with the Quadcopter TBS discovery and the GoPro camera hero3, finally installed on the platform.
After several minutes of flight over the peaks and cliffs of the site.
Big surprise : a huge herd of cows thai invade the plate in minutes.
I was more afraid than them…
No possible to come back or landing anymore because they very close to me, then i decide to record video.
I could film them very close view of waiting to land.
Note the drone’s ability to be used in reel herd very effectively.
With apologies and big thanks for the Thai-men keepers of flocks that have summers surprised and a little disturbed by the drone, but they’re very nice.


Discovery The Crystal Cave and his nice temple.

Out of the way secret destination Crystal Caves near 12 km from Kanchanaburi.
Crystal cave is like a secret place, but a secret that the Monks there wish to share with you.
If you like to discover a nice place on top mountain with 360 degree point of view then taking on the adventure to find the beauty,
nice air that is the Crystal Caves might just be what you need.

To start with there is a sign just outside Wat Tham Sua which i make an other video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-sLx8cMKN4
You in the right direction to get started towards the caves.
It is approximately 10 minutes drive past the right turn into Wat Tham Sua.

Keep following the blue signs. You will turn off the ‘main’ road and head up a long concrete road to the top of the mountain.

At the top, there is a temple, partly under construction, a few monks live there.
Past that, there are no signs indicating you have arrived at the Crystal Caves. Follow down the pathway to gain access to the
3 caves.

Summarily appointed cave offer in terms of crystallized stalactites draping pretty enough.
The walls are covered with snow crystals sparkling explaining the name of the place.

The temple still under construction at the top of this mountain is very quiet and the view is magnificent .
It is a place little visit and still quite wild, often visited by training amateur cyclists climbs.
Please respect this secret and peacefull place.

Tell the Monks there you come from ”thailand from the sky” they will take care you good to make you discover everything.

If you come from far away you will be very welcome at hatchery resort whitch is just one kilometer from there (seen in the video)

Other nearby many places are really interesting to visit :

– Wat Tham Faet with beautiful views of the River Kwai and a lovely gazebo and a surprising mummy.
– Wat Ban Tham with its impressive giant dragon, caves and breathtaking views.
– Wat Tham Sua, with its giant statue of Buddha.



  • Relaxing Fly in peaceful valley surrounded around by mountains

    This fly is dedicace for everyone need relax wonderful views with nice music…
    This FPV drone TBS discovery fly in peaceful valley between erawan and saiyok noi in kanchanaburi province.
    All around this unbuild valley is surrounded by uges mountains chains.
    Amazing Thailand again…
    12 mn of just relaxing time to put on your tv or big screen in high resolution, record with runcam 2 in 1080P and 60 frame/seconds
    Leave me a comment if you like this sort of movie



  • Fly over mountain In fire overview With FPV drone camera

    North of the village of Khao Noi a few kilometers from the city of Kanchanaburi
    A lots of smoke shows that the mountain is on fire ...

    In the dry season it’s often happens because all trees and vegetation are completely dry.
    Send up drone and far to make this risky movie and see where the fire comes from and how fire starts are countable …
    Perhaps can we better know the cause …
    In this case, as often it was explained to me, it appears that the rubbing the dry bamboo trunks between them could with wind and very high heat if heated up to produce natural fires in forests or mountains.
    In any case here it is very often fires. What do you think ?
    Do you have other explanations? Unlike many Western countries quickly and undertake heavy fighting means to fight against forest fires, service Thai firefighters do not often use to fight mountain’s fires.

    Why ?
    The first reason is probably that the mountains are arid uninhabited with no wildlife and not exploited.
    Often fires are extinguished itself without taking large-scale …
    I wanted to explain here the strong contrast in reactions from different countries … There is no criticism in my intention.I also want to demonstrate the utility of the drone fly over here to dangerous areas inaccessible to man quickly and above all for a very low blow and without exposing people to danger…
    Here I used my little racing quadcopter ZMR250 equipped with an HD runcam and simple video transmitter 600mw all at a lower cost is $ 300
    It took me less than 3 minutes to be at the altitude of the summit, completely impractical on foot.
    It remains only to invent wholesale carrier drones water to extinguish as do the Canadair future fires …

    Thank you for your ideas and comments …

    Mountain location : Tambon Chong Sadao, Amphoe Mueang Kanchanaburi
    Chang Wat Kanchanaburi 71190

    film for see plane fires fighters :




Drone exploration its the first time a drone can fly fpv around and inside 747 jetliner
Teasing short video of 747 on the road…
like this video and discover soon the full story of this crazy jumbo jet new destiny…




  • Abandoned Quarries interesting place to training fly,

    Its located at the beginning of a valley surrounded by mountains a few kilometers from Wat Tham Sua * at at Khao Noi near Tha Muang.

    On abandoned quarries at the foot of crystal caves of the mountains, where installed the small temple that overlooks the valley Tha Muang stand a curious vestige of similar oxidized metal installations, from the sky, to gigantic lobsters failed.

    Also a perfect place to come to play FPV flight in this desert area ended in a canyon forgotten gravel.

    Bird resembling the blue swallows have carved nests in the gravel lace walls solidified for several alternating rainy seasons and droughts.

    This mineral environment invaded here and there quickly dried vegetation by the sun, creates a landscape
    Lunar surprising.
    Small Gorges 4 to 5 meters deep draw curious sinuous contours with very interesting and varied unpredictable curves to train a pilot.

    Khao Noi, two kilometers west of the crystal cave temple in Tha Muang District, Kanchanaburi Province.



  • Wat Tham Sua Tiger temple near Tha Muang city,

     The Tiger Temple built in 1971 Situated on top of a rocky promontory, after climbing many (200) steps to reach the base of the temple. (artisanal funicular to the lazy: 20 thb)
    You will discover the carved snakes as a ramp on each sides of the grand staircase. The temple has a large Giant Buddha (18m) Gold mosaics , Sitting is typical of Chinese architecture, several different conical monumental towers (the highest stupa which exceeds 69m) can then be accessed by stairs snails for even more impressive views.
    A small sacred spring is visible on the right.
    The panoramic 360 ° on a landscape out of sight on the famous River Kwai east and rice on a valley lined mountain ranges to the west is beautiful.
    Located 12 kilometers southwest of the city of Kanchanaburi, this site has no public access.






  • Sam-Roi-Yot beach and islands, paradise desert place

    This place is paradise sea and mountain view still quite virgin, amazing in thailand.

    Located in coast of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province,
    This end of end beach is still a bit wild and peaceful free of pollution and main tourists…
    Not have yet many horrible resort take all the side but beautiful landscape with coconuts field and mountains behind.
    Just near, Khao Sam Roi Yot it is the first marine national park of Thailand. Khao Sam Roi Yot means “The mountain with three hundred peaks” and refers to a series of limestone hills along the Gulf of Thailand with highest one at 605m above the sea level. The northwest corner of the mountain range is called Thung Sam Roi Yot and is mainly freshwater marsh covering nearly 37% of the national park which makes it the largest wetlands area in Thailand.
    The main attractions of the national park are Phraya Nakhon Cave with it’s iconic royal pavilion and huge chambers, Kaeo Cave and Thung Sam Roi Yot Freshwater Marsh. The park is also an attractive destination for it’s rich wildlife in mangrove forests, beautiful beaches, limestone islands, trails and view points. It is easily accessible, only 60 km south from Hua Hin and nearly 3 hours from Bangkok.

    Sorry for a big stabilisation pb of my drone TBS discovery quadcopter camera gimbal platform was broken.
    Its make still a lot of jello (vibrations).
    I repair this already for make more comfortable video next time.










  • Flying inside giant tree 

    Just from 7 kilometers south of Kanchanaburi near the small village of Kasikam and not far from the horse breeding centers are a very old and impressive giant: the mysterious Saman: the rain tree (Albizia saman).

    This probably has several hundred years.
    It seems that this specimen is particularly noteworthy.
    The outskirts of the village accounts several trees of this kind, although less remarkable because less old and less fat, but equally promising.

    This tree has a very wide harbor and the shape of its canopy, like a parasol can reach more than 500m in diameter, leaving little opportunity for plants that would push its cover. But that’s not counting the immense generosity of this tree that lets the rain. As soon as the sun declines, but clouds approaching, its leaflets fold over themselves and allowing the water to reach the ground. Once the income sun, leaflets unfold again and enjoy the light, leaving a soil cool and moist. As if that were not enough, it makes the nitrogen available in the soil for other plants,
    like all legumes (it belongs to the Fabaceae family).
    For more information on this particular tree or on plants in general, please check out the very good blog of
    CECILE MAHE Agronomist: http://la-sorciere-et-le-medecin.com/les-mysteres-du- saman-the tree-a-rain-Samanea-saman /

    Have you ever seen such a tree like this ?
    Thank you for your comments and additional informations…






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